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Pop Up Shops

You will love hosting your own Pop Up Shop at Fairest Skye Castle. Combine with other artisans, or host a solo show.These types of shopping events are vital to making designers, artisans, and makers more accessible to the community. Pop-Up Shops also contribute to an exciting economy

Gain access to our 1100 sq/ft venue,  use of 4 tables (2 10 ft & 2 6 ft) plus 2 industrial clothes racks.

Rental Days/ Hours

This Pop-Up Shop package is available to rent for 1 Day, 1 Weekend, or 1 Week. Typically, for a Weekend rental, the hours break down like this. We can work with you to set hours that work for your needs, and your customer-base.

Space Opens for Vendor Setup: 9am
Retail Hours: 3pm – 7pm
Space Closes for Day: 7pm

Space Opens for Vendor: 9am
Retail Hours: 10am-8pm
Space Closes: 8pm

Space Opens: 9am
Retail Hours: 10am-5pm
Space Closes After Vendor Breakdown: 8pm

What You'll Need

To run a successful pop-up shop here, you'll need a few things:

Liability Insurance Per Vendor: If you have liability insurance, please add our company to it. Specifics will be in your contract. Alternatively, temporary insurance is available online

Contract: We'll send you a contract that outlines nitty gritty stuff, like what kind of decorations to bring, how to hang things, and what to do if it snows.

Payment: Once you're good with the above and we've settled on an available date, your reservation for the space will be made once you complete payment, which can happen from this page.