Little Mermaid Party

Make a SPLASH at your next party!

We swam around to find the best vendors to help you host the dream Little Mermaid party! You can find links to each vendor below!

Where to Find:

Mermaid Princess from Fairy Skye

Decor from Samantha Orantes Designs

Banner from Glitter Paper Scissors

Banner and toppers by Party Sprouts Paper Company

Outfit by Dazzling Creations

Invitation by OM Arts

Cake by Dreamagical Patisserie

Bath Bombs by Lottie Dottie Bath

Hair Tie Favors by Plum Polka Dot

Crochet Purse by Walking Dot

Decorative Pillows by KKGG Designs

Party Games

Here are some fun little games to keep your little ones entertained!

  1. Seashel- Bop- The mermaids bop balloons (sea shells) about while the music is playing, making sure they don’t hit the floor. When the music stops everyone grabs a balloon. Whoever doesn’t have a “seashell” can be out!

  2. Under the Sea- 

    Use a large blue sheet and have all the little mermaids grab a side. Place some sea creature stuffed animals underneath the sheet (if you don’t have any you can use balloons). Have all the little mermaids shake the sheet to create “ocean waves”. One at a time call names and have the mermaids run under, grab a stuffie and throw it on top! 

  3. Mermaid Race- 

    Divide the girls into two teams. On the start of go the mermaids on each team must use green streamer paper to wrap around one of their mermaids legs, which creates a tail. That mermaid must hop to the finish and back in her tail, then help wrap the next mermaid’s tail. The team whose mermaids finish the race first wins. You could also use toilet paper as an alternative to green streamers.

Simple DIY

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